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Happy first day of December ’20!

Ashtabula County Water Watch wants to thank you for your support and encourage you to join us this winter!

EPA air permit (2nd) granted to Petmin pig iron plant appeal: ACWW is working with the lawyers of Fair Shake Initially, Petmin said they would build the facility which would decrease CO2 emissions by half (per their permit application). In March, they asked for a new permit with increased emissions as they are not able to build the CO2 recapture facility at this time. They promise they will try do it at a later date. ACWW would like Petmin to be held accountable for their toxic emissions.

Community Book Club: Join Ashtabula County Water Watch (ACWW) on December 20th to share our ideas and interpretations of the new book by Erin Brockovich titled, “Superman’s Not Coming.” We will meet via Zoom at 4pm to discuss. Invite a friend and join us next month!

Topic: ACWW book club meeting
Time: Dec 20, 2020 04:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Join ACWW in a lively discussion of Erin Brockovich’s newest book!

Read the latest ACWW article, Waterfront Frontline, in the North Coast Voice: North Coast Voice November 2020: ACWW member Justin Thompson is back with the many ways to be grateful in NE Ohio.

Read October 2020 North Coast Voice article is an interview with Tish O’Dell of by Lisa Burroughs.

The CELDF Democracy School: Igniting a Rights Movement for Communities and Nature: This January, 2021 – register today (click on link)

Democracy School is a stimulating and illuminating virtual course that teaches residents and activists an empowering new approach about how to reframe exhausting and often discouraging single-issue work – such as opposing fracking, overdevelopment, and pesticides, or advocating for worker rights, housing access, and protecting water – in a way that we can confront corporate control and government interference on a powerful front.

Classes will be held, virtually, on four Saturdays in January 2021.

In our back yard: Have you been to the newly paved Red Brook Train in Saybrook? Go at the right time and stop in Martini’s for a warm holiday beverage afterward!

Help support ACWW and our mission to protect our county ecosystems and health by purchasing a t-shirt for $20.00. Stop by our new office at 1022 Bridge Street or send an email to to request this stylish T created by our neighbors at Made In Ohio.

Also: feel free to donate to our GoFundMe to help with lawyer fees regarding the EPA appeal –

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Stop by our new office (in remodel process) at 1022 Bridge Street, Ashtabula, Oh

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Wishing you a safe journey through this somewhat bitter storm. We are stronger together.

ACWW New Member Meet Up!

Mill Creek

Interested in learning more about Ashtabula County Water Watch (ACWW)? Considering to join ? You are invited, this Saturday, at 1pm for an informal virtual meeting via Zoom:

We will discuss:

A bit of our history

Some past and current projects (Petmin air permit appeal, radioactive brine on roads, toxic but terrific tour)

Our new office location at 1022 Bridge Street

How you can get involved!

Check out our website:

Join us on Zoom this Saturday, 11.14.2020 at 1pm:

Happy Autumnal Equinox!

“Autumn burned brightly, a running flame through the mountains, a torch flung to the trees.” — Faith Baldwin

Join us this Wednesday for our next Water Watch Wednesdays at 6pm

September 23, 2020: Radioactive brine on the roads in Ashtabula? Teresa Mills of CHEJ ( explains what it is, where it is being spread, what are folks doing around Ohio and how residents can get involved.

For registration and access – keep an eye on facebook pages for League of Women Voters Ashtabula and Ashtabula County District Library

September 29th and 30th at 6:30 pm: Candidate nights presented by Ashtabula League of Women Voters via Zoom. These will be recorded so you may access at a later time, as well.

Check out the agenda for both nights to find out who is speaking at what time. The event will be live streamed, recorded and available on the sponsors social media pages. Zoom will be available to the first 100 participants and the link will be posted closer to the event .If you have questions for the candidates, please send them to by September 25.

Check out the League’s voter resource page:

Updates on League of Women Voters FB page and Ashtabula Public Library:

This is your chance to ask the candidates questions regarding the environment and their personal commitment to the health of residents and ecosystems!

September 30, 2020: Injection Wells in Ashtabula County with Dr. Ted Auch of FracTracker ( Dr. Auch continues to map, photograph and collect data on unconventional energy and has written numerous articles, books and publications on the process of hydraulic fracturing (fracking), its components, compelling arguments how it is failing and how communities have the right to know this information.

October 1st and 2nd: Rights of Nature and the Human Right to a Healthy Environment

October 1 @ 4:30-8:35 pm Eastern

October 2 @ 11:00 am – 2:50 pm Eastern


Looking forward to seeing you soon! Please check out our website for more information and to view previous Water Watch Wednesday episodes!

Please donate to ACWW Go Fund Me – to help with lawyer fees to appeal the new EPA air permit granted to Petmin in July, 2020. Go to:

“I see … the turning of a leaf dancing in an autumn sun, and brilliant shades of crimson glowing when a day is done.” — Mattie Elliott

Water Watch Wednesdays: 6pm

Meet up with community via Zoom every Wednesday in September for one hour of stimulating discussion

Get ready! Pig iron plant in East Toledo, Ohio…similar coming soon to Ashtabula Harbor!

September 16, 2020: Fresh air in Ashtabula County – Join Dr. Gonzalez of UCLA as he explains particulate matter and how it affects health. In relationship to the Petmin pig iron plant and the projected emissions: how will the tons of nitrogen oxide, particulate matter 2.5 and 10, carbon monoxide, VOCs (volatile organic compounds) make their way into the lungs and compromise the health of residents, friends and neighbors, with cardiovascular and respiratory diseases? How the emissions might affect both young people, adults and elders? How might the emissions affect you, your families and your loved ones?

Additionally Dr. Gonzalez will be talking about air monitoring in the community. Many of you have been monitoring the air quality related to the wild fires on the west coast. Many folks nationwide have been utilizing the monitors/website for tracking particulate matter (PM 2.5). ACWW learned about purple air monitors from Dr. Gonzalez several months ago. Three members of the Ashtabula community have been collecting baseline air quality data in Ashtabula via Purple Air monitors and can be tracked by going to the following website:

Registration is FREE but it is required. We look forward to seeing you there!

If you missed Session Two: last week’s discussion on “Sacrifice Zones” and why Ashtabula has this label, you may want to visit this page for previous class resources!

Session One was a discussion by ACWW members titled, “In our backyard,” and gives a great bird’s eye view of Ashtabula environment, bounty & bain, plus, action items!

ACWW has filed an appeal with Ohio EPA regarding the new air permit granted to Petmin in July 2020. If you would like to join our group, contact us at If you would like to donate to the cause via GoFundMe (to pay for lawyer fees) please click here. Thank you, it takes a team!

Keep our Ashtabula County Rivers beautiful – and the fishing charters, kayakers, bikers, swimmers, restaurants, wineries and small businesses afloat!

Join us today!

ACWW appeals new Petmin air permit

Ashtabula County Water Watch (ACWW), a dedicated group of professionals, farmers, students and elders in Ashtabula County, and whose priorities are clean air, water, land and ecosystems, has filed an appeal to the new EPA air permit granted to Petmin USA, on July 17, 2020. Ashtabula County residents have significantly higher levels of chronic illness, obesity, poverty and less education than Ohio State averages.  ACWW believes that the increased emissions proposed by Petmin will likely adversely affect the health of all residents, especially our vulnerable populations, in Ashtabula and has the potential to adversely affect the land, water and air of Ashtabula City and County. ACWW also believes that the placement of a pig iron plant in Ashtabula Harbor will negatively impact tourism and our designation of, “Best Main Street,” and the use of the Ashtabula River and Lake Erie for recreational activities such as kayaking, swimming, fishing, birding, biking, canoeing and boating.

To learn more about the environmental impacts and concerns within the city and county of Ashtabula, please join ACWW in a webinar series, “Water Watch Wednesdays,” coming this September on Wednesdays at 6pm. All are welcome to attend and it is free. Registration is required. To register, please visit or register below. We look forward to a community discussion on how to build a more sustainable, financially viable and beautiful city and county for all to enjoy! 

Register for Water Watch Wednesdays here

To help the cause – please donate to our Go Fund Me to help with lawyer fees at:

Water Watch Wednesdays -coming this September! And other news…

MARK YOUR CALENDARS – this September, every Wednesday at 6pm. Series is free – registration is required… click here to register.

Print and share poster

ACWW is appealing the EPA granted Petmin pig iron plant air permit granted on July 17, 2020. Please give to our Go Fund Me campaign to raise money to help pay lawyer fees – Click here :Thank you for your support – it takes a team!

Read ACWW’s latest article in The North Coast Voice – August 2020 edition, “Waterfront Frontline,” on page 9.

Scientists discuss projected impacts of Petmin air pollution

This Wednesday at 11:00! Join Ashtabula County Water Watch on Zoom

5th Street in Ashtabula looking toward projected Petmin pig iron site

Two Scientists join Ashtabula County Water Watch to discuss some of the potential health impacts of the emissions projected for the proposed Petmin pig iron plant. Recently, the EPA held a hearing to listen to the concerns of residents of Ashtabula County regarding an air permit where Petmin proposes to increase their pollution emissions by 2-6 fold (click here to see a chart of the two air permits and number of tons of pollution annually). Over 80 people attended the hearing (listen to the hearing at

While most agree that a business that promises to employ 100 workers sounds great, being informed of the potential health risks will assist our community understand how to best protect themselves, their children and their elders.

Dr. Andrea Hindman– is a molecular biologist by training, now a fellow in chemical and material policy at the Department of Defense. She holds a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from the Ohio State University. As a molecular biologist she works to connect lifetime chemical exposures to potential adverse health outcomes, specifically chemicals that mimic hormones to breast cancer risk. Currently, Dr. Hindman is a science policy fellow supporting the Department of Defense.

Dr. Erin McDuffie– is an atmospheric scientist and she studies sources of air pollution and the impacts on global air quality and human health. She holds a Ph.D. in Atmospheric Chemistry from the University of Colorado Boulder. Currently Dr Mc Duffie uses large scale computer models to identify global sources of fine particulate matter and collaborate with health researchers to determine the long-term health impacts.

If you are interested in more information please visit Ashtabula County Water Watch at

For questions ACWW asked to EPA at air permit hearing (still awaiting reply)

Video of EPA hearing regarding Petmin’s application for new air permit 5.7.2020
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EPA hearing – tonight!

Attend the EPA air permit hearing scheduled for May 7, 2020. Register here!
Hello, neighbors!

Your presence is requested, tonight at 6pm! 

Petmin is asking for huge increases in emissions from their previous EPA air permit – 2 to 6 times as much pollution will be emitted. 

Fifty-six tons additional NOx (nitrogen oxides) per year, for a total of 484 tons per year – this is similar to adding 2.5 million cars to the streets of Ashtabula County daily. Over double the amount of SO2 (sulfur dioxide), Particulate Matter10, and greenhouse gases; over five times the amount of Particulate Matter 2.5; and six times the amount of CO (carbon monoxide). All of these pollutants are known to be carcinogenic and toxic to the respiratory system.

There are many questions regarding the new air permit – see “32 Questions PLUS” at 

The EPA will be holding a virtual hearing regarding the permit on Thursday, May 7th at 6pm. Register at The EPA will be allowing questions and comments until May 11th at 5pm:   Email and, air permit number P0126768 (Petmin USA).

Your presence is requested, tonight at 6pm! 

Questions from the community to EPA regarding new proposed air permit

Compare the old air permit and the new – plus health concerns

Please join the meeting tonight – EPA virtual meeting – sign up here!

We look forward to seeing you tonight! If you are unable to attend, please check back to our website for updates.

Community Book Club Invite!

Something for winter – to share, to read, to discuss.

Join Ashtabula County Water Watch (ACWW) on December 20th to share our ideas and interpretations of the new book by Erin Brockovich titled, “Superman’s Not Coming.” We will meet via Zoom at 4pm to discuss. Invite a friend and join us next month!

Timely. Empowering. Delightful to share!

Discussion of Erin Brockovich’s, “Superman’s Not Coming,” book published in 2020 by Pantheon Books.

Topic: ACWW book club meeting
Time: Dec 20, 2020 04:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Meeting ID: 834 0273 1945
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Fracking ‘Ted’ Talk: Ted Auch from FrackTracker Talks About Fracking Waste Effects on Eastern Ohio

Toledo’s Cleveland Cliffs hot-briquetted iron (HBI) production plant…and a similar sky line in store for Ashtabula Harbor with Petmin?

The proposed Petmin pig iron plant projects using 15,000 million BTUs of natural gas daily for their operations. Natural gas will piped in from the new Risberg pipeline to N Kingsville (and they are working on extending the pipe to Ashtabula). We estimate the need for over 7,000 new wells to procure this amount of natural gas, much of which will be obtained through hydraulic fracturing (fracking) in NW Pennsylvania and east central Ohio. The waste from this process is then pushed deep into the ground via loosely regulated injection wells – we have 15 active sites in Ashtabula currently. You are invited to listen in on an expert in this field, tomorrow. Ted Auch will be presenting and you are encouraged to join in.

Waste, Water, and Landscape Impact

Of Fracking on Eastern Ohio – Wednesday, May 20, 2020, 6pm – 7pm. Ted Auch of FracTracker will lead a discussion of how injection wells endanger communities and how we can stop them. Sponsored by the Citizens Climate Lobby of Youngstown. Link and information is at:

Visit Ashtabula County Water Watch at

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