Attend the EPA air permit hearing scheduled for May 7, 2020. Register here!
Hello, neighbors!

Your presence is requested, tonight at 6pm! 

Petmin is asking for huge increases in emissions from their previous EPA air permit – 2 to 6 times as much pollution will be emitted. 

Fifty-six tons additional NOx (nitrogen oxides) per year, for a total of 484 tons per year – this is similar to adding 2.5 million cars to the streets of Ashtabula County daily. Over double the amount of SO2 (sulfur dioxide), Particulate Matter10, and greenhouse gases; over five times the amount of Particulate Matter 2.5; and six times the amount of CO (carbon monoxide). All of these pollutants are known to be carcinogenic and toxic to the respiratory system.

There are many questions regarding the new air permit – see “32 Questions PLUS” at 

The EPA will be holding a virtual hearing regarding the permit on Thursday, May 7th at 6pm. Register at The EPA will be allowing questions and comments until May 11th at 5pm:   Email and, air permit number P0126768 (Petmin USA).

Your presence is requested, tonight at 6pm! 

Questions from the community to EPA regarding new proposed air permit

Compare the old air permit and the new – plus health concerns

Please join the meeting tonight – EPA virtual meeting – sign up here!

We look forward to seeing you tonight! If you are unable to attend, please check back to our website for updates.