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Get ready! Pig iron plant in East Toledo, Ohio…similar coming soon to Ashtabula Harbor!

September 16, 2020: Fresh air in Ashtabula County – Join Dr. Gonzalez of UCLA as he explains particulate matter and how it affects health. In relationship to the Petmin pig iron plant and the projected emissions: how will the tons of nitrogen oxide, particulate matter 2.5 and 10, carbon monoxide, VOCs (volatile organic compounds) make their way into the lungs and compromise the health of residents, friends and neighbors, with cardiovascular and respiratory diseases? How the emissions might affect both young people, adults and elders? How might the emissions affect you, your families and your loved ones?

Additionally Dr. Gonzalez will be talking about air monitoring in the community. Many of you have been monitoring the air quality related to the wild fires on the west coast. Many folks nationwide have been utilizing the monitors/website for tracking particulate matter (PM 2.5). ACWW learned about purple air monitors from Dr. Gonzalez several months ago. Three members of the Ashtabula community have been collecting baseline air quality data in Ashtabula via Purple Air monitors and can be tracked by going to the following website:

Registration is FREE but it is required. We look forward to seeing you there!

If you missed Session Two: last week’s discussion on “Sacrifice Zones” and why Ashtabula has this label, you may want to visit this page for previous class resources!

Session One was a discussion by ACWW members titled, “In our backyard,” and gives a great bird’s eye view of Ashtabula environment, bounty & bain, plus, action items!

ACWW has filed an appeal with Ohio EPA regarding the new air permit granted to Petmin in July 2020. If you would like to join our group, contact us at If you would like to donate to the cause via GoFundMe (to pay for lawyer fees) please click here. Thank you, it takes a team!

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