We are an all-volunteer organization.  We are always coming up with fun ideas to build community, educate the public, and help create a healthy Ashtabula County.  If you want to get involved, or get on our emailing listserve, please contact us.

  • Help us plan fundraising events to pay for water testing for directly affected residents.
  • Help us record and broadcast a “Toxic but Terrific” Story Corps of Ashtabula County.  Audio record oral histories about the area – content that is both toxic and terrific.  Know someone with great stories to share? Contact us!
  • Researching and writing on a variety of topics.  Possibilities: what locals are doing to create healthier and happier communities; health consequences of fracking waste toxins; ways to recover from exposure to toxins; history of Superfund sites in Ashtabula County; details of injection well permitting processes, policy and regulation issues; fracking waste used on roads or put into landfills; alternative dust suppressants for roads; alternative energies – how to use them, how to afford them, how to make them, and more.
  • Organize a Road Show! AKA, public educational forums at local libraries.  We can give presentations on a variety of topics related to toxic fracking waste, and also on building the healthy communities we want to live in.
  • Put together film showings to educate the public on the toxins being brought into our communities. Could also highlight healthy examples of economic development.
  • Attend meetings with public officials, as issues arise.  We often attend public hearings and give testimony about our experiences with toxic waste in our communities.
  • Participate in public demonstrations against more toxins being brought in.
  • Create and demonstrate alternative energies – passive solar design structures, diy solar and wind kits, etc. Let’s experiment and get creative!
  • Truck watching!  Fracking waste is deposited by truck throughout Ashtabula County with virtually no regulation.  The only way we can find out where the waste is really going is to do some truck watching.  We have a few key spots in mind.
  • And many more ideas