The EPA granted a new air permit to Petmin for the projected pig iron plant to be constructed in the historic Ashtabula Harbor’s Pinney Docks. The new air permit allows for 484 tons per year(tpy) of nitrogen oxides (N0x),;64 tpy of particulate matter 10;  52 tpy of particulate matter 2.5; 4 tpy sulfur dioxide; 17 tpy volatile organic compounds, 546 tpy carbon monoxide – this is over 6 times their original air permit; and 391,000 tpy of greenhouse gas/carbon dioxide equivalent.

These numbers are much greater than the original air permit granted in 2019 and in some cases 5-6 times greater. 

Asthabula County Water Watch, a group of residents within the county who are concerned about the health of residents, land, water and air, are planning to appeal this new air permit. ACWW believes in the right to clean air, land and water for all.

If you would like to join the effort please visit our website at and register to become a member. 

We thank you for your support and encourage community engagement. Please join us in this effort to raise awareness and fight for our community’s right to clean air and water. It takes a team!