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5th Street in Ashtabula looking toward projected Petmin pig iron site

Two Scientists join Ashtabula County Water Watch to discuss some of the potential health impacts of the emissions projected for the proposed Petmin pig iron plant. Recently, the EPA held a hearing to listen to the concerns of residents of Ashtabula County regarding an air permit where Petmin proposes to increase their pollution emissions by 2-6 fold (click here to see a chart of the two air permits and number of tons of pollution annually). Over 80 people attended the hearing (listen to the hearing at

While most agree that a business that promises to employ 100 workers sounds great, being informed of the potential health risks will assist our community understand how to best protect themselves, their children and their elders.

Dr. Andrea Hindman– is a molecular biologist by training, now a fellow in chemical and material policy at the Department of Defense. She holds a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from the Ohio State University. As a molecular biologist she works to connect lifetime chemical exposures to potential adverse health outcomes, specifically chemicals that mimic hormones to breast cancer risk. Currently, Dr. Hindman is a science policy fellow supporting the Department of Defense.

Dr. Erin McDuffie– is an atmospheric scientist and she studies sources of air pollution and the impacts on global air quality and human health. She holds a Ph.D. in Atmospheric Chemistry from the University of Colorado Boulder. Currently Dr Mc Duffie uses large scale computer models to identify global sources of fine particulate matter and collaborate with health researchers to determine the long-term health impacts.

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For questions ACWW asked to EPA at air permit hearing (still awaiting reply)

Video of EPA hearing regarding Petmin’s application for new air permit 5.7.2020
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