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Clean water is a human right.

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Injection Well Talk at Ashtabula District Library

Tuesday, May 21, 2019
Ashtabula County District Library
4335 Park Ave, Ashtabula, OH 44004

Hosted by Ashtabula NAACP
Dr. Auch will be available to discuss the impact of injection wells in Ohio and answer questions you may have related to injection wells in Ohio.

Dr. Ted Auch is Great Lakes Program Coordinator, Administrator and Staff Photographer for The FracTracker Alliance. Before working with FracTracker Ted completed a postdoc at the Cleveland Botanical Garden researching the potential benefits of Vacant Land Repurposing (VLR) across the post-industrial Midwest. He received a PhD and BS from the University of Vermont and pursued an MS at Virginia Tech looking at the obstacles to tree growth across Appalachian strip mines and mountaintop removal sites. He has led in the development of countless analyses of the nexus of multiple factors impacting food, water, and energy in the Great Lakes and Ohio. His most recent research looked at the impact and geographic extent of fracking waste disposal in Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska. He produces photo-essays, most recently “Frackland” in Belt Magazine. Last fall, he and colleagues in the United Kingdom, published a paper titled “The Human Right to Water and Unconventional Energy” in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. He and his wife live with their two boys in Shaker Heights.

Seeking Ashtabula County Activists for Interviews!

Stories from local activists inspire current and future generations to act!  Please contact us to share your stories if you organized any social justice efforts in Ashtabula County – past or present!

We are audio recording interviews of Ashtabula County activists, from the past and present.  In particular, we are interested in capturing the stories of those we may soon lose.  Many youth today do not see or feel the spirit of action and change that has historically been a part of our county.  As long as there was oppression, ignorance, and injustice in our community, there too have been resisters fighting the good fight!  Activists stories are the ones left untold and unrecorded in history.  These are the stories we want to capture NOW!  Before they are gone!

Please help us! Are you an activist?  Was someone you know once an activist?  Please contact us! Help us get these stories on record so we can share and inspire!


Perry Nuclear to Close!

Good news for a change!  Perry Nuclear Power Plant is scheduled to close down!

Click here to read the full article

’17 Total Fracking Wastewater in Our Communities

Thanks to the Buckeye Environmental Network for compiling 2017 total amounts of Fracking Wastewater (“brine”) being brought into our communities.  Below click on each image to see how much toxic waste was brought into your own OH county, if it came from in state or out, and which companies in Ashtabula County are bringing how much.  Petrowater tops the charts here; a local company owned by Phil Dietrich.

Oral History Project: Activism in Ashtabula

Join us! We’re soliciting volunteers to help us with an awesome oral history project!

Ashtabula County Water Watch has some incredible members and acquaintances who have been fighting the good fight for a long time.  Help us interview activists from the anti-nuke era of the 1970s all the way up through the activists fighting injection wells today.  Hear about long term campaigns to stop Perry Nuclear Power Plant from being built, marches on Washington, the Sunflower Alliance, and actions that shut down the Ashtabula Harbor!

When activists organize in our community, they never just do it for the environment – they do it for the people!  Many environmental campaigns tied into welfare rights and the labors of love that brought Head Start to our county. The individuals who fought for the poor also fought for clean water.  These inspirational people who lived these amazing stories are RIGHT HERE in our own town!  We need to capture their flame and help pass it on!

We need volunteers of all abilities and interests in this project – interviewers, filmmakers, people with recording equipment, journalists, editors of recorded media, and more I’m sure!

Help connect the past to the present!  Be the conduit for these powerful stories!

Contact us to get involved today!

Raising $$ for Water Testing

Ashtabula County Water Watch volunteers are currently accepting donations for water testing. We hope to organize fundraisers and solicit donations throughout the next few years. We want to test for radioactive materials in the springs around Ashtabula County, where many people get their drinking water (for example, the one on Rt 193, just downstream of all those toxic plants along Middle Rd. in Ashtabula).

The water tests that reveal radioactive elements and other toxins are much more expensive than regular water tests. They can be over $200 for each sample.  Also, samples are collected very carefully and taken straight to the closest testing lab – which is all the way in Cuyahoga Falls – a trek from Ashtabula. Expenses to gather this important information add up quickly.

We are soliciting volunteers to help us fund raise for this cause! Please contact us to volunteer today!

Please Donate! Mail to this address:
Ashtabula County Water Watch
c/o Stephanie Blessing, Treasurer
2873 East Maple Rd.
Jefferson, OH 44047

If anyone wishes to test their own water, this lab is accredited to test drinking water for radiologicals by EPA Region V.  Be sure to ask them ahead of time what the procedure is – they may need to take the sample themselves.

Summit Environmental Technologies, Inc.
3310 Win Street
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223