Stories from local activists inspire current and future generations to act!  Please contact us to share your stories if you organized any social justice efforts in Ashtabula County – past or present!

We are audio recording interviews of Ashtabula County activists, from the past and present.  In particular, we are interested in capturing the stories of those we may soon lose.  Many youth today do not see or feel the spirit of action and change that has historically been a part of our county.  As long as there was oppression, ignorance, and injustice in our community, there too have been resisters fighting the good fight!  Activists stories are the ones left untold and unrecorded in history.  These are the stories we want to capture NOW!  Before they are gone!

Please help us! Are you an activist?  Was someone you know once an activist?  Please contact us! Help us get these stories on record so we can share and inspire!