1. EPA air permit: The proposed Petmin pig iron plant that to be located just east of Bridge Street in Ashtabula has requested a new air permit from the EPA. The new air permit requests compared to their previous air permit will increase Nitrogen Oxides (NOx), the amount listed is similar to adding 2.5 million cars to the streets of Ashtabula; increase Particulate matter less than 10 (PM10) over double original estimate; double the amount of Sulfur dioxide (SO2); increase Carbon Monoxide levels by sixfold, double their origin amount of Greenhouses gases. EPA is offering a hearing to learn more. Join us!

Link to sign up for virtual meeting scheduled for 5.7.20

Please sign up and attend this important meeting at this address! 


Link to permit: https://www.publicnoticesohio.com/Details.aspx?SID=f02xujattmfbbb0uk5pg1wrk&ID=290301&NPDID=0&EmailID=pvincent%40vls.com&CID=7848

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For a chart of previous EPA air permit allocations and current projected, please visit our “get involved” link.