ACWW talked with Dr. Gonzalez of UCLA about what particulate matter 2.5 (PM2.5) means to health:

Petmin’s new air permit application shows an increase in PM2.5 FIVE times their original amount.

Petmin USA is requesting a new air permit.

EPA has agreed to accept comments until FRIDAY, MAY 15 at 5PM. Please send comments, questions and concerns to

Watch the EPA webinar regarding the new Petmin air permit held online 5.7.20 : Petmin is asking for huge increases in emissions from their previous air permit whose total toxic pollutants are quite larger than originally projected.

This link compares the old permit and the requested new air permit. Read link to see health considerations for each: 56 tons additional NOx (nitrogen oxides) – this alone is similar to adding 2.5 million cars to the streets of Ashtabula County. Over double the amount of SO2 (sulfur dioxide), Particulate Matter10, and greenhouse gases; over five times the amount of Particulate Matter 2.5; and six times the amount of CO (carbon monoxide).

Printed on 5.6.20 in The Gazette

Transcript of comments from EPA public hearing 5.7.20